Modular Home Plans

October 4, 2011

Modular Home Plans – Cost Effective and Practical Home

Modular Home PlansModular home plans are different from mobile home. The modular home plans can be any shape or size and can be custom designed. They are done in modules and then brought to your site and constructed. Unlike the modular home, the mobile home is very limited. Modular home is a custom-build home according to the modular home plans that you have chooses for your home building site.

You can design the modular home in any way that you like, whether it is as small as a cottage or as large as a luxury modern home. There are many ready made designed modular home plans that can be used for you new dream home that were already created by professional architects.

Modular HouseBuilding a modular home is one of the most cost effective ways to build a new house. The modular home plans are very easy to see, and when it comes to pick the perfect floor plan, you have many choices to choose from. Maybe many people when thinking about a modular home will think of something that undersized, simplistic and just nothing special. But today, modular home will surprised you how nice they can be.

The modular home plans can be a cape style home, or a two-story modular home. They really can be multiple stories. The structural integrity of all these types is just as good as a foundation-based home. You can customize them to suit your needs, and you also can choose multiple different floor plans for your modular home plans. You can have a large range in square footage and the amount of bedrooms as your requirement.

Usually smaller modular homes begin at 1000 sq. feet with a kitchens and living room that are open spaces. Bigger modular home begin can be 6000 sq. feet and they will have up to five bedrooms, family room, dining room, separate living room, library and a breakfast nook. If you have any special plans, the modular home plans company can help you. They can work on your site and suit your requirements, as you want.

The modules from the plans are created at the factory and transported to your home building site. Normally, almost ninety percent of the modules are finished before they are delivered to your home building site. When the modules arrive, they just need some final touch to finish the building. Both the exterior and interior also almost finished, the seams, the cabinets and fixtures are carefully constructed, with painted walls they are ready to use on arrival.

Modular home come with compete details, they will have lots of sophisticated detailing features like the ceiling treatments, angled walls, French doors and the crown molding. Smaller modular home can also have these special decorations if you want in your design plan. These will makes it easy to take a basic design plan for either a smaller, more reasonable priced home or for larger elaborate home. You can add as many details as you want.

Modular home plans are built according to your design plans and also you can add details as many luxurious additions as you like. The options for the cabinets, flooring, fixtures, windows and color schemes will all be up to the plan you made for your modular home in the design phase. After you finished the design plan, the modular home company takes a short time to finish the modules. Then it will delivery to your home building site, it will take just a week or two for the accomplishment.

The building process of modular home takes a lot less time than building a traditional home. Everything is ready to be connected and the whole process is turnkey. The way the house is connected, the professionalism of the company giving you with your modular home, you will not be disappointed with the craftsmanship. The best thing of modular home plans is the amount of money you will save rather than spending much money to build a traditional home.

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